FIRST Robotics Sponsorship – Team #4976 GDHS Rebel Robotics

ITK Vector Inc. is pleased to be a lead sponsor and mentor of team 4976 as part of the FIRST Robotics Competition for 2014.   We were able to provide the lead mentor role for the software team, which included helping the student team with the following:

  • developing a project plan
  • training the students to create product requirements for the various software features under development
  • encouraging the students to develop a test bench to allow software testing in advance of final system integration
  • cheering the team on at Myrtle Beach and in North Bay

For more information regarding FRC, please check out the following:



“4976” robot before a match at Palmetto Regional in February, 2014. The logos have suffered some minor damage due to contact with other robots.

Palmetto FIRST Robotics 082

“4976” is ready for the next match. This time we are on the RED alliance!

2014-02-27 10.06.04

The pit crew of GDHS Robotics team 4976 was able to integrate the sponsors into the display – Thank you!

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