Communication Strategy

What do your written communications say about you and your business?

Do your web and blog content, reports, articles, and newsletter tell your customers the story of your business? Can you convince them that you have the passion and commitment that they’re looking for? Are you attracting new customers as well as retaining existing customers?

Does your writing showcase your commitment to quality and highlight the value of your products and services? Does your content enhance your professional reputation and demonstrate your expertise?

Your written communications are more than marketing messages. In our world of 140 characters, short attention spans, and soundbites, how you present yourself in writing is more important than ever. Everyone can be a writer and anyone can publish. What will make you stand out is how effectively you tailor your content to the needs of your key stakeholders. Your clients will notice how clearly and concisely you communicate your essential value to them.

Communicate Professionally

ITK Vector Inc. will work closely with you to help you tell your story with clear, polished content. Our services are customized to your unique requirements so you can:

Use the best facts and resources

We access news articles, market reports, business news, and statistical data that will not show up in your Google search results. We will expertly analyze the credibility and reliability of sources so that your communications are based the most current and authoritative data.

Publish professionally crafted written documentation

We can write feature articles or shorter pieces to your specifications that you can publish in your newsletter, on your website or blog, or for internal company use. We can also write business reports, case studies, or white papers that will highlight your service or product and demonstrate your knowledge and expertise.

ITK Vector Inc. can review your rough draft or existing documentation for readability and clarity. We can suggest revisions or recommend substantive changes as you prefer. We can proofread your content to catch errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Build your communication roadmap

If you are ready to develop an overall communication strategy, ITK Vector Inc. can analyze your needs and develop a simple, clear roadmap. Your customized communication strategy will help you drive your social media presence and ensure your messages are clear and consistent across all of your communication channels.

Ms. Smith’s professionalism and strong work ethic is evidenced on a consistent basis.
Sara Perry, Chief
Information Centre
Public Safety Canada

Phyllis, ITK Vector Inc.’s Managing Director, is a professional librarian with years of experience researching a wide variety of subjects. She worked closely with clients in the Canadian federal government to develop custom documentation for their internal communication system and for public distribution. She has published articles in several professional trade journals and has been recognized for her ability to write clearly and concisesly for professional audiences.

Contact ITK Vector Inc. to find out how your content can work harder for you.

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