Welcome to ITK Vector Inc.

Global TechWhen you add ITK Vector Inc. to your team, you gain the benefit of our expertise and our years of experience in wireless networks and devices, enterprise networks, product marketing, product management, and more.

We enable our clients to make strong strategic decisions regarding their businesses and their products. We help them develop a clear understanding of their industries and competitors, so that they can get their products and services to market faster.

ITK Vector’s clients range from small technology companies to major players in the industry. They all aspire to be leaders in business and technology, and to deliver their products and services to both business and consumer customers.

Our deliverables are customized to your needs, drawing on the skills and expertise of our team. Examples of projects can include any of the following:

  • business case development and evaluation
  • market or industry research
  • competitive intelligence
  • telecommunications policy review
  • technical analysis
  • wireless network technology development and evaluation
  • wireless end point specifications
  • product and system definition and management regarding Machine to Machine (M2M) and the “Internet of Things”
  • product management
  • program management
  • internal and external communication planning and materials

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